There are many CBD oil brands on the market, but none compare to AELEXI. We’ve worked long and hard to create a proprietary formula of CBD oil that is as effective as it is fast-acting. Using BIO-Micelle™ technology, our products boast an 85% absorption rate in the GI tract and 15 minute onset-of-action — numbers that no one else even comes close to. Before we get into the science behind BIO-Micelle Hemp CBD Oil, here’s a quick breakdown of the differences between marijuana and hemp, which both come from cannabis.

With more states legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, cannabis and CBD oil are gaining recognition for their uses in helping people who suffer from a multitude of health issues. While coverage and exposure are great, it can also allow for misconceptions, confusion and myths to perpetuate.

Hemp and marijuana are both derived from the cannabis sativa plant, but hemp comes from the male pant, which is high in CBD and low in THC, while marijuana comes from the female plant, which is just the opposite. Even though they both come from cannabis, CBD oil and marijuana are completely different products, and as long as they meet Federal regulations, products containing CBD oil can be sold in all 50 states.

So what’s so great about CBD? It may be the single most important cannabinoid ever discovered for its ability to manage the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is is responsible for effects throughout the entire body including sleep and relaxation, inflammatory responses and cognitive function.   


Cannabinoids are phytocannabinoids which are natural chemical compounds secreted by the cannabis flower. Included in among over 66 classified cannabinoids identified in cannabis are the two main active, most recognized and studied compounds CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Unlike TCH, CBD is devoid of psychoactive effects and seems to have a natural protection against the high that comes from marijuana.

While all cannabinoids have been proven to provide various benefits, CBD has been shown to be a strong regulator of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a group of endogenous receptors located in the brain and throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems. The ECS has been associated with the regulation of pain, Central Nervous System (CNS) affects and even sleep. 


While research is ongoing for a number of uses, early results show that products using CBD, including full spectrum CBD hemp oil, may have a positive impact on a number of common health ailments in both the central and peripheral nervous systems. AELEXI uses a Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil which is not a distillate, isolate or chemical version, and in addition to CBD contains other natural cannabinoids that together create an entourage effect that helps activate the effects of CBD in the body.

To put it simply, CBD oil has the power to affect the health of thousands of individuals without any of the psychoactive or other side effects found in medical marijuana. It is also non-addictive. Which brings us to our next point.


The most commonly known forms of consuming cannabis-based products is smoking or vaping, but there are other, more preferable and healthier ways. Ingesting AELEXI Hemp Oil is as easy as filling the dropper and orally ingesting it, or mixing it with your favorite drink. From there our BIO-Micelle technology does the rest of the work, making the peak effect of the CBD oil quicker and the duration longer.


The human body is over 60% water. Water helps to regulate our temperature, flush toxins and waste, lubricate joints, and supply nutrients and vitamins via absorption to every cell, which is critical to our health and well-being. Absorption happens during the digestive process primarily in the intestines which are covered with a fine water film. Only water soluble substances that can permeate this film are directly absorbed or “bioavailable.” Fat soluble substances cannot permeate this water film and have to be pre-treated, a process that takes time and occurs indirectly in the intestine by the building of micelles by means of gall salts.

The micelles that we create using AELEXI BIO-Micelle technology are capable of mimicking the way the human body makes oil-based ingredients bioavailable. With an absorption rate of 85%, AELEXI PROPEL Hemp Oil has a significantly higher effective absorption rate than other leading brands of CBD oils.


  • 85% absorption rate in the GI tract
  • Onset of action of 15-30 minutes
  • A duration of action between 12-24 hours
  • Only a small amount is needed
  • There is no secondary exposure risk
  • AELEXI PROPEL is non-addictive and devoid of any psychoactive effects

Order AELEXI PROPEL today and find out why so many people are thrilled about the results they’re seeing. Whether it’s relief from pain and anxiety to improved mental clarity, CBD oil has the power to change your life for the better.

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